Thursday, December 01, 2005

Grammar - Instrumental Particle, By That

The next word in the famous second line followup telling that karma is, is the word des. It's really de + s, where we already mentioned that de is that. The s added to the end is an example where a particle is not just always a standalone syllable, it could also be added to the word itself, especially if the word ends with a vowel.

As de ends with a vowel, the particle added here is an s added to the end.

So what is this particle? It's a so called instrumental particle, something is instrumental in something happening, created, appearing, done, and so forth. A good quickie filler word is by. And remember to read the connection between the particle from the right side of the particle to the left.

We will talk more about this important particle later, but just now it's good to know that des means by that.

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