Monday, December 12, 2005

Grammar - Genitive Particle Part 2

More genitive! This is a three-part series.

The particle is gyi if the preceding word ends with na, ma, ra or la.

'jig rten gyi khams - realms of the world (khams - realms, 'jig rten you should know by now)
lam gyi snying po - essence of the path (snying po - essence, lam you should know by now)
gser gyi rdo rje - golden vajra (gser - gold, rdo rje you should know by now)
sdug bsngal gyi bden pa - truth of suffering (sdug bsngal - suffering, bden pa - truth)

It's good to learn sdug bsngal and bden pa, you will encounter these words many times in Buddhist literature, as the core teaching is to teach the truth behind suffering, and then when this is known, one could remove the suffering. snying po is also a very common word.

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