Sunday, December 11, 2005

Grammar - Genitive Particle Part 1

Ok, it's best to look into this now, as genitive is so common across any texts and translations. The genitive particle indicates ownership, something belongs to someone, it's part of this, and so on. Also remember the golden rule that particles point from right to left. We say wheel of dharma, Tibetans say dharma of wheel.

Again, as with other particles, depending on the last letter in the leftside word, the particle takes a different look, kyi, gyi, or 'i. Let's start in this section with kyi.

If the last word ends with da, ba or sa, the particle is kyi. Examples:

chos kyi 'khor lo - wheel of dharma
byang chub kyi sems - mind of enlightenment or the enlightened mind
chos kyi stobs - power of dharma or dharma power

As you could see, you could take some liberties to rewrite the sentence so it flows better -- no need to always use the word 'of'.

'khor lo is an interesting word. 'khor means to rotate, or a group of people (like sitting around in a circle) , or a retinue (of people). Think of things that rotate or are circled when seeing the word 'khor used.

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