Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Expressions - LTA BU

To continue with the theme of common expressions, here's another similar one, lta bu, means such as, like, similar, for example. You could find many of these, for example do a search inside Compendium of All Trainings.

You should find some cases where the sentence ends with lta bu'o. This style of ending a sentence is common, the single 'o at the end of lta bu indicates that this is indeed the last word (or verb) in the sentence. The 'o is added as lta bu ends with a vowel. Note this pattern, you will experience it with other patterns soon, such as particles, genitive particles, and so forth.

Other examples are:

de lta bu - like that, of that kind
gnyen po rdo rje lta bu - vajra-like antidote (gnyen - antidote, rdo rje - vajra)

rdo rje (pronounced DORJE), by the way, is a really interesting word, it refers to something that is immutable, indestructible, supreme. It sometimes is translated as diamond, as the diamond is the hardest material. The ultimate rdo rje is emptiness (stong pa nyid). The conventional rdo rje is the ritual implement held in the right hand. So maybe the antidote above now makes sense, based on puzzling together the information.

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