Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tools - UDP Unicode Document Processor

UDP is a very handy application, it's a Windows document processor for using Tibetan and Unicode Tibetan fonts, as well as other Unicode fonts.

If you follow the instructions on the site and install the app including the fonts, you could take entries typed in here as Wylie or ACIP, and convert them to Tibetan fonts. You could also import ACIP files, or type in directly Tibetan using the keyboard layouts.

Now, if you download this applications and the Tibetan fonts mentioned at the web site, and then download the earlier referred ACIP document Abhidharma-kosha, make sure the file prefix ends with .ACT, and then when you open it up with UPD you should see it with Tibetan fonts.

There's now also an RSS feed available in case you want to follow any chances to the UDP program.


BJ Lhundrup said...

I can not seem to be able to convert wylie files into tibetan font with this UPD program. Or ACIP files. How are you doing it?

Anonymous said...

There is also a very handy program written in Java - Jskad. It can be used aa keyboard tool, but also a conversion tool. I think it will work on PC and Mac alike.