Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Simple Words - THAMS CAD

OK, another one you will see a lot, thams cad, it means everything, all, the entire, totally, and so on. Examples of such cases are:

sems can thams cad -- all sentient beings (sems can)

sangs rgyas dang byang chub sems dpa' thams cad -- all buddhas (sangs rgyas) and bodhisattvas (byang chub sems dpa')

Hey, there are three other words you now learned, Buddha - sangs rgyas, bodhisattva - byang chub sems dpa', and sentient beings - sems can.

If you are worried how to pronounce the words, don't worry, think you are from Ladakh (or from parts of Mongolia where Tibetan is spoken) where the dialect actually pronounces all the letters in the word, unlike the Lhasa dialect). --Kent


Anonymous said...

Wait wait a second -- ALL the letters in the words?! Are you sure? How is that possible? Could you clarify a little about that?

Kent Sandvik said...

Well, in ancient Tibetan dialects the prefix s, b and so on were pronounced. In the Lhasa dialect and contemporary Tibetan this is no longer the case, leading to sometimes debaters in the debate ground asking the proponent to spell out the term...