Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Grammar - LAS particle

OK, another word that is also las! This time it's a particle, it defines a starting point or a source, in general. Usually the first word you should try to substite this with is from, but note that sometimes you need to use a better word for a better flow of the translation. This particle is sometimes called an ablative. There's another form, nas, this is also usually translated as from, but in this case it's a very known source or target, while las is more abstract.

Here's an example: las las, from karma. Note again that particles point to the left side, you read from the particle backwards, so the first word is karma, the second from, or karma from, and in our minds it's read as from karma.

Here are some other examples:
rgyud las - from Tantra(s)
chos las - from Dharma
ting nge 'dzin las - from meditation (ting nge 'dzin is sometimes also samadhi, a very special meditation state)

Try to look inside the Master Kamalashila's text Stages of Meditation (part 1) to find more examples of las, try to translate what's on the left side of the text. Beware in case the word actually means karma, you need to see this from the context.

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