Thursday, November 24, 2005

General - About the Entries

Note that sometimes I go in an re-edit, add or otherwise re-annotate earlier postings. This if I realized there's someting else that is good to be in the entry, or if there's a mistake that needs to be fixed. So this blog is more like a book in progress.

I hope most blog reader software makes sure edited entries are shown as changed ones based on the timestamp in the entry. If not, sorry, but it's good to review entries especially if you try to learn to translate, and you want to fresh up your mind.

Also, I'm kind of both adding introduction material as well as interesting information for anyone who is already doing Tibetan traditions. This is based on my experience of Bikram yoga, it's good to have everyone in the same room and do all the asanas, beginners and experts, everyone learns from everyone. And this is also equanimity in action.

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