Tuesday, November 08, 2005

First entry

OK, this is my taken on using a blog concerning Tibetan translation work. The intent is to now and then post entries based on the learning path of trying to translate classical Tibetan texts. It's fun, but oh what a big domain translation really is. It really stretches your mind.

If someone else has blogs related to Tibetan translation work, let me know and I will cross-link those from my blog. --Kent


David Curtis said...

Dear Kent,

Congratulations on getting your blog up and running.
I've been teaching people the rudiments of reading CLassical Tibetan for some time now. However, I still regard myself as a beginner.
I appreciate your efforts to help beginners who are just setting out to explore the wonderful wilderness of textual Tibetan.

Good luck with it. I hope it is well received and leads to constructive dialogue among readers and tranaslators.

David Curtis
Tibetan Language Institute

Kent Sandvik said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Feel free help me out from time to time in case there are mistakes and so forth in the postings. As they say, only enlightened beings are perfect.