Monday, January 07, 2008

Ear Audio Auditory Consciousness

And now to my favorite triad of elements. rna ba is ear, the 'i is the genitive particle that binds khams, element, to rna ba. So this is the ear element (srotra-dhatu.)

sgra is sound, and you should recognize the genitive particle now, as a well as khams, so this is the sound element (shabda-dhatu.)

rna ba'i rnam par shes pa is auditory consciousness so this is the auditory consciousness element (srotra-vijnana-dhatu).

Does the pattern start to look familiar? We will go through the five + one more sense when dealing with the eighteen elements.


Anonymous said...

audiotory is not any word.

Kent Sandvik said...

I've actually seen that word used (did a google search on it), but I changed it to auditory which seems to be a more common word used.)

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I hope we won't start using internet searches as authority for words and their spellings. At least we can take reassurance from the fact that the spelling auditory gets over 5 million hits. More difficult accounting for the 8 thousand some others. Well, let's return to our senses. (And what Abhidharma says about them.)