Wednesday, December 05, 2007

rnam par snang mdzad - Vairochana

The dhyani Buddha associated with chos kyi dbyings kyi ye shes is rnam par snang mdzad - Vairochana.

rnam par is one of those expressions that are good to memorize, it shows up in texts here and there and it means completely, fully. The Sanskrit vi prefix is translated as rnam par in Tibetan texts.

snang is appearance, phenomena, it's an abbreviation of snang ba. mdzad is to perform, to make. However, this is a combinational world, snang mdzad, making things to appear, or illuminating.

There's something beautiful that Vairochana is the complete illuminator, dispelling any ignorance.

Vairochana is white in color, the element associated with Vairochana is earth. The mandala entrance, depending on the tradition, is usually in the center. The symbol of Vairochana is the dharma wheel (chos 'khor.)

Next, the skandha associated with Vairochana.

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