Thursday, November 15, 2007

don yod grub pa - Amoghasiddhi

The dhyani Buddha associated with bya ba grub pa'i ye she (all-accomplishing action wisdom) is don yod grub pa, Amoghasiddhi.

don is benefit, purpose, yod to exist, but don yod means meaningful, useful, purposeful. grub pa is accomplishment or accomplished, siddhi in Sanskrit.

Amoghasiddhi is green in color. The element associated with Amoghasiddhi is the wind.

The direction, or mandala entrance, is north. The symbol is a double-vajra, a very common symbol you could find in various places in Tibetan centers. This symbol is also used at the base of a statue to seal the prayers inside.

Next, the skandha associated with the all-accomplishing action wisdom.

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