Monday, August 13, 2007

srid pa - Existence

The tenth link, created by grasping, is srid pa, existence, bhava in Sanskrit.

srid is also another word for existence, phenomena, becoming.

In the wheel of life this is either represented by a pregnant women (baby is becoming to existence), or a man and women making love (creating existence). Sometimes it's also someone crossing a stream. This also represents life becoming, or a cycle of existence is to happen due to past deeds causing it to definitely happen.

This also represents that a karma that has been created via the earlier links has to become, come to existence, in future.

So the trick to avoid this is to stop the earlier links from being generated. As for the existing links triggering karma, the different schools have various opinions, based on the emptiness views. The lower schools think its inevitable that bad karmas have to ripen and meanwhile one should avoid creating new ones. The highest school positions that not even karma is self-existent, so there are ways to short-cut or neutralize future karmas from triggering. As if the karmas will never go away, even after a neutralization, that's an interesting debate topic!

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