Wednesday, August 08, 2007

reg pa - Contact

The sixth link, triggered by the six sense fields, is reg pa - contact.

reg pa is a nice word if you are learning the Tibetan letters. The ra letter has a line on top so it becomes re, then there's a ga but the second letter is short so it's g, and after the upper dot there's a pa letter, and as it's again the first letter it's the full pa sound.

The last line used here, and in the blog, is a way to indicate a separation. It's not like a dot, even if it functions as something similar, to separate statements in Tibetan texts. Here the statement is one single word, so the ending line is used for this.

In the Wheel of Life the image for reg pa is a kiss between a man and a women, and it makes sense as it's a contact between the six sense fields, and various objects, as well as the consciousness. This will then lead to the next dependent link.

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