Sunday, August 05, 2007

ming gzugs - Name and Form

The fourth link that consciousness brings about it ming gzugs -- name and form, namarupa in Sanskrit.

ming is name (nama). gzugs is form (rupa). In this presentation, name is really the four mental aggregates and form is the physical aggregate. The mental aggregate, that consciousness gives rise to, consist of feeling, discrimination, compositional factors and consciousness. Form is the aggregate of physical phenomena.

In the Wheel of Life image the name is symbolizing by people or a person in a boat, and form the boat itself (such as the body that carries us through life). All together, nama and rupa forms an individual being, or identity. It is the consciousness that will cause this to happen.

This is also the case where an artificial split between inside and outside is happening in the mind, or that the outside world exists independently of our experiences.

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