Friday, August 03, 2007

Letting Others Know About this Blog

Yes, sometimes marketing could be beneficial. Please leave a comment on this entry if you know of any forums, web sites, or any other locations where people interested in learning translation of Tibetan Buddhist texts are present.

I'm usually so lousy with self-promotion, but this is for a good cause, there might be someone out there who really, really wants to learn reading Tibetan texts, and they might benefit a little bit from this blog.

Or then, just let people know about this place, and give them the web link or post it: . It's never too late to start. Or, to use a Zen quote: Move, and the way will open. Thx.


michaelh108 said...

Hi Kent,

The KCC Dharma center in Portland, OR has a Tibetan Language Resource page on their website,

I emailed a recommendation for your blog to my contacts there.

dge legs 'phel (may virtue and excellence increase)!


Kent Sandvik said...

Hi Mike, thanks for referring to the blog. It's like getting another dependent link out there!