Friday, August 03, 2007

'du byed kyi las - Compositional Actions

Ignorance then results in the second chain in the 12-links of dependent origination: 'du byed kyi las, compositional actions, samskarakarma in Sanskrit.

'du byed is formation, samskara. It's kind of the patterns of impulses that bring about experiences. kyi is the genitive particle that binds this word with the next one, remember the general rule that particles bind from right to left. las here is action, karma in Sanskrit.

In the Wheel of Life this is represented by the image where a person is (busily) making pots, forming these volitional actions due to ignorance.

These actions then will bring about pleasurable or painful effects, a potential to experience similar experiences in future. The rules are really simple, any positive actions will result in positive experiences, any negative actions will result in negative experiences.

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