Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Definition of Nirvana - Part 6

So this is the whole definition of Nirvana in Tibetan. Let's go through it now as a whole sentence.

Nirvana is (not mentioned in the definition above): the permanent cessation where someone has eliminated each and every mental affliction, due to individual analysis.

As you could see, it's very cryptic, and one needs to know that the the cessation via individual analysis is to get direct realizations of the four noble truths, and this causes a cessation that will eliminate every single mental affliction obstacle, and then one needs to also know what mental afflictions are, and how those are the obstacles to Nirvana. Or, using simple words, bad stuff in the mind blocks someone from being in Nirvana, but there's a way to get rid of the bad stuff.

This definition, by the way, is written by Khedrub Tenpa Dargye (1493-1568), an important teacher from the Sera Me monastery in the Gelug tradition.

Next, we need to go more through the types of Nirvana, as there are many ways to classify Nirvana.

This is by the way the 300:th posting, phew!

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