Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ma byin len - Stealing

The second of three body related mi dge ba bcu is ma byin len - stealing.

len is to take in this case. byin here it to give, and ma is a negation, not give. So the more complex translation is to take something that was not given.

The practice to avoid this is from of course not stealing up to levels of protecting others' belongings, cultivate the attitude of not stealing (such as ripping MP3 files from Internet), and of course doing the opposite, give things to others.

The benefits from avoiding this non-virtue is that in future you will not run out of resources and things you need -- as you cultivate the view in your mind where you avoid causing harm related to taking things others need or have ownership of.

PS: So someone might wonder, how could someone get a big pile of MP3 files by downloading them illegally from Internet just now? The answer is that they spent a long time avoiding this non-virtue in the past. While in the future they will lack access to music...

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