Sunday, July 29, 2007

log lta - Wrong Views

The third of the mind related non-virtues, and the tenth, and also the worst, is log lta - wrong views.

log is here here wrong, lta is short for lta ba, philosophical view, or in common words, anything that someone considers to be the way of following one's life, political, ethical, business direction, and so on.

The problem here is to stick to views that will lead to future suffering, such as considering killing be OK, or taking things from others, or any of the other non-virtues mentioned so far. That's why this is the worst. Constantly holding the wrong view will of course make it easier in future to do the same, too.

The benefits to following a right view is of course to avoid suffering in future. Other benefits are not to experience environments where non-virtue is considered wonderful, pain as pleasant, and no valid teachings are available.

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