Wednesday, June 27, 2007

mi - Humans

Ok, we are now looking at the tiny, tiny section of sentient beings that exist. In that minority, mi is present - humans. Note that you need to look at the context, as mi could also be a negation particle. Usually mi is represented in the Wheel of Life by people working, monks and so on, in the top part of the section with the five or six realms of existence.

mi is an excellent simple word for anyone just starting learning the Tibetan alphabet. The root letter is ma, and that squiggle on top changes the root letter to have an i vowel, as in mi.

The reason to be experience the world as a mi is a mixed blessing, a huge amount of positive las (karma) from past deeds ripen to have the opportunity to be free from very extreme forms of suffering and have some glimpses of happiness and bliss, but bad las also ripen to experience suffering. It's actually a very good situation, by knowing the difference between suffering and not suffering, mi has the choice and insight to change their situation.

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