Saturday, June 16, 2007

las bsags - collect karma

Ok, so far we have bag chags that trigger 'dzin pa, these then have in the mind states of yid 'ong mi 'ong; the first triggers 'dod chags, the second zhe sdang.

Which leads to las bsags, las is karma and bsags is collect, or collecting karma.

karma is a really, really tricky word to translate, and it does not help that it's used in contemporary writing to mean all kinds of things. I think it's best to leave the word as it is, and have a good definition what it is, rather than using an English word (or other language translation). Karma means that there's an action and it will lead to a definite result, so it's both an action and the result, not one or the other.

Another word used in literature when collecting karma is sa bon, seeds, these are the future results planted.

We should take another detour and maybe talk more where the sa bon, or las, are stored, based on various Buddhist schools. But rest assured, we will close the presentation of Samsara, and also the second truth about the cause suffering, as well. You will learn sooner or later that Buddhist presentations are big on outlines!

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