Monday, June 18, 2007

'khor bar 'khor - samsara cycle

Ok, I think you have now seen one of the presentations how samsara works. bag chags from past triggers 'dzin pa, with yid 'ong mi 'ong, and each of those two triggers in the mind either 'dod chags or zhe sdang, which leads to planting karma for another round, or las bsags. So it's indeed a nasty cyclic system, going round and round, round and round. And the trick is to break it.

This is described as 'khor bar 'khor. 'khor ba is the translation from Sanskrit samsara, or cyclic existence. 'khor is one of those good words to learn, if you know it, you could figure out rough context -- it means circle but also retinue (like a circle of disciples). Think of something that is a circle, or goes round and round. It even plays a role in the word 'khor lo - or chakra in Sanskrit.

The end letter r in the word 'khor bar is actually a particle - a so called general sub-ordination particle that binds from right, like a verb, to the left, to form a relationship.

The verb here is 'khor, to rotate, spin. So this whole expression is to continue spinning in the cyclic existence. Anyway, there's a way out, so more about that later. Actually, just knowing how this all works if half the victory.

Meanwhile, next we will quickly list other presentations concerning the second noble truth, the source of suffering, that are good to know concerning more self-study and examination.

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