Thursday, May 31, 2007

Uttaratantra - source of karma and afflictions 2

The last word in the first sentence, kyis, is actually a so called instrumental particle, taking this form as the last syllable before this one is a da. One way to quickly translate this particle is to use the word 'by'.

Anyway, this particle binds from the right to left. Especially this case is very good to learn and know. As it's the last word in the first sentence, it will glue together the second sentence itself with the first sentence. Note that the particles, such as his instrumental particle, do not just bind together two words, there could be whole sentences that are bound together.

So, at this point karma and mental afflictions will arise by... So we need to look at the rest of the first sentence next.

Those learning letters, the last letter in the first sentence is a sa.

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