Friday, August 18, 2006

Bodhisattva Way Of Life - Sanskrit Title

Next in the opening lines is the title in Sanskrit. rgya gar is India, skad is language, and rgya gar skad du is in the language of India. Now, in the Mahayana tradition, all commentaries were written in Sanskrit, so it's better to translate this all: In Sanskrit.

Next is the Sanskrit title written with Tibetan letters. The reason this entry is so late was that I took me a long time to find the right tools to get the right conversions and stackings (UDP was the only tool that worked here, and it only runs with Windows, and using Windows is another challenge).

You could see the stacking such as the first word, bodhi, where the dh is stacked, this is not common in the Tibetan language. Same with the next part, satva.

Then there is tsa rya (I though it was cha rya, but I checked an original Tibetan text, and it's a tsa there.... OK). Finally we have abataara, but the ba is really a pronounced wa, so it's awataara. Note the snippet below the ta to make the ta letter a long wovel. In Tibetan there are few if any long vowels, while those are common in Sanskrit -- hence the use of the small stroke at the bottom of the letter to indicate this.

So we have the title, bodhisatvatsaryavataara. Expect interesting letter combinations with Sanskrit titles, names, and also mantras that are mostly in Sanskrit.


Tim Lewis said...

Hi Kent,

I've found that using Christopher Walker's wylie keyboard along with the xenotype tibetan font is the best way of getting Tibetan sanskrit stacks on a mac.

It was the only way I found of getting the R+ya stack to display e.g. for AR+ya.


Kent Sandvik said...

Hi, glad you found a solution, we are still in the early days of good Tibetan input systems..