Tuesday, July 04, 2006

yul dang yul can

yul is the word for object. It could refer to an object in your mind -- the mind, sems, could only hold one principal object in the mind at the time, yul gyi tso bo. yul lnga are the five sense objects that pick up objects from around us: reg bya (touch), dri (smell), ro (taste), sgra (sound), and gzugs (visual forms).

The one that holds to objects, the subject, or owner of objects, is yul can. Note the use can to make a new word, the one that has or owns yul. This is the subjective agent, the perceiver, or the sense faculties.

All the miseries start from the false concept that a self-existent subject could experience self-existent objects -- the nasty driver on the road, the crazy boss, the wild kids... I would recommend watching the Akira Kurosawa movie Rashomon for a good presentation of this false subjectivity.

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