Sunday, July 16, 2006

sgrub thabs - Sadhana, Tibetan terms always surprises me (positively). Erik Schmidt recently listed a page with Tibetan terms related to sadhana practices.

Anyway, sadhana is Sanskrit, in Tibetan it's sgrub thabs, the literal translation is means of accomplishment, you use certain means to accomplish something, and this is usually the practice text.

means to bring about, to produce. thabs is also a very good word to learn, you see it a lot, it means method. So it's a method of bringing something about. You could learn more about these words by following the links back to dharmadictionary, or otherwise do lookups there.


Mirek said...

Hi Kent,

just a short remark - shouldn't sgrubs be written with stacked s?


Kent Sandvik said...

Thanks, yes my mistake when running Jskad for outputting the string. Fixed it. Maybe I should write an entry explaining when various letters are stacked, an when prefixed...