Sunday, March 19, 2006


Sorry I've been busy with work, so I have not had time to do all the postings, switched jobs. Anyway, as for time, that's dus, and there's an expression dus gsum, the three times. It means the past, current time and the future.

Buddhas are beyond those restrictions, they operate outside the forced perceptions of past, current, and future time. So worrying about time and what is happening is grasping to something that can't be found, something like a fixed time.

As an experiment, chop a moment of time into a beginning part and end part, and chop the beginning part into its own beginning and end, and so on and so on. Ultimately, using logic, you can't find a fixed, discrete time unit. So the notion of a flowing time is another projection or grasping to something fixed that has no self-existence.

Anyway, hopefully that helped me solve my dilemma of not having time to do postings! If nothing else, we continue with this in the next lifetime (which is also a projection forced on grasping to self-existent things).


Anonymous said...

Hello Kent...

How are you doing?

It's been more than 'dus gsum' since I've been checking in on your wonderful blog... No news... Good new?

So now I'm a bit worried (that makes a fan out of me.. doesn't it? hehe)

Without being a paparazzi, I hope you are OK and that you'll make it to your 1000 entries.

Take care.

Kent Sandvik said...

Hi, sorry been very busy with my new job. I will try to add more postings either end this week, or this weekend. Thanks for the support. --Kent

Anonymous said...

Hi Kent,

No rush about the entries. :p

It's Ok even if you don't go any further with the entries. We always begin things that are taken over and completed by others when the time is ripe! :)

What's more important is to look after yourself well and have a good health and mind in peace!

Good day to you!

Kent Sandvik said...

My nice manager gave us two extra days for all the hard work we've done recently, so I have a lot of time now adding more entries this weekend!